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CryptoLogic Slings Spidey Into Slot Form
by Karl Yu

Maybe old habits die hard, maybe it’s the track record between the two, maybe they think that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but Marvel Entertainment and CryptoLogic are once again teaming up to bring comic book characters to online casino life.

The X-Men, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Ghost Rider are only some of the Marvel heroes that have found new life in casino game form and with the popularity of comic books and online slots you can add five more.

While the X-Men and the Hulk are easily recognizable characters, CryptoLogic gained the rights to create new slots for not only the Fantastic Four; Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Woman and Thing, but for Marvel’s flagship character—Spider-Man.

With the Spider-Man 3 movie grossing a reported $336.5 million over the summer months and brisk sales and rentals upon the DVD release in late October/early November Crypto potentially has a hot commodity in its hands.

The fact that one of the new slots will feature Marvel’s famed Wall Crawler should increase the number of players that give the game a spin.

“Definitely,” said Crypto’s Marketing and Product Management VP when queried about whether Spidey’s iconic status would contribute to the just released slot’s popularity.

“There’s brand equity behind Spider-Man [that’s] massive.”

“We’re really hoping that the combination of [the Web Slinger’s] brand name; the fact that many of our players have read the comics or watched the movies in concert with the fact that we feel like we’ve created two of the best online slot games ever in Spider-Man and the FF, will really make a great combination,” Justin Thouin said.

“We feel like we’ll take the market by storm and enable our licensees to grow their revenue.”

More than just average slot games, both the FF and Spidey games will, much like the comics tell a story as well.

On top of spinning reels the Spider-Man slot will have you leading the protagonist to save love interest Mary Jane Watson from arch-enemy Venom.

The FF slot will feature animated versions of the four heroes and their powers and their arch enemy Dr. Doom.

“The storylines associated with each of the Marvel characters translate so well to online gaming,” said Thouin.

“We’re able to, through our animated icons and symbols and bonus rounds recreate the experience that a Marvel fan is used to seeing.”

The Marvel-CryptoLogic team up seems in line to bear more fruit thanks to the Web Slinger and the Fantastic Four.

“[Marvel] has been so impressed at the quality of the games we’ve created and the way we’ve been able to represent their brand,” Thouin said.

“With the response from players in 240 countries around the world, they thought that now is the right time to enable us to offer some of the biggest names in their stable to our licensees and players throughout the world.”

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