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Annie Duke AndJoan Rivers Going Heads Up
Following last week's tirade by the fired Melissa Rivers and mother Joan in NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, many doubted if the elder Rivers would return.

But return Joan Rivers did, with her sights set on avenging her daughter, who was allegedly thrown under the bus by poker player Annie Duke and Playboy playmate Brande Roderick.

This week's assignment had the two teams, KOTU and Athena, preparing a jingle and radio spot for Chicken of the Sea tuna and the odds were immediately stacked against Team Athena, which consisted of Roderick and Duke.

Athena had no musical experience and KOTU had country music star Clint Black.

The task ran relatively smooth for KOTU with few complications while Athena struggled with all aspects of the task whether it was coming up with the jingle or singing.

But with the help of the hired musicians, Duke came up with a catchy jingle and Roderick lent great voice-acting to a solid radio spot and they beat the country twang and humor of KOTU's finished product—project manager Black was subsequently fired.

Afterwards, the four had to interview with last year's winner Piers Morgan, who thought that Roderick and KOTU's Jesse James hadn't stepped up and the two were let go.

Leading to a grudge match in the finale; Annie Duke vs. Joan Rivers.

Duke who hasn't responded to Rivers' previous verbal attacks is finally making it personal and said as much in the closing seconds of Sunday night's episode.

"If the show is about fundraising for charity, I win. I’ve raised $200,000 and she’s raised $30,000. If the show is about being effective in challenges, I win." Annie Duke told the

"If it’s about being an effective leader and an effective Project Manager, I win. I won against her head to head and won once by writing a jingle against Clint Black. When you look at the categories you’d judge a win on, I have her crushed."

The finale airs this coming Sunday, May 10, 2009 on NBC.

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